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  • Jan 18, 2021

IOI former member Kim Se Jeong, "Ooh ga Ma" is Hot Topic in Korea. ● On December 30th, the announcement of "the next day's dissolution" was made to the girl group gugudan. -On January 10, the TV series "Amazing Rumors" starring the actress business is very popular. Record update of audience rating. ● Last night, there was a sense of discomfort in the broadcast of EP13, and weird rumors among fans. ● Today, it is reported that the scriptwriter had dropped the electric shock due to friction with the director. ● From EP13, the scriptwriter disappeared and the director wrote the script. ● 2 EP4 end schedule changed to EP16 end.


#aespa, "Today's No. 1" is Hot Topic in Korea. ● It's been 13 years and 3 months since SM Idol's debut song ranked No. 1 on the Music Program since #SNSD (Girls' Generation) on October 11, 2007. .. ● SM has surprisingly few debut songs. ● SHINee First place: You like oxygen ● f (x) First place: Pinocchio ● EXO First place: Wolf and beauty ● Red Velvet First place: Ice Cream Cake.


#SHINee Minho, my brother is Hot Topic in Korea. .. ● SM's "passion 3 generals" gather. ● Minho: "My brother is the source of all my passion and desire to compete." "My brother, who is two years old, was better at studying, exercising, and popular." ● "My mother told me that I should follow half of my brother." * "The University of Tokyo in South Korea" revealed that he majored in physical education at Seoul National University, and released photos. ..


#aespa, today's number one. .. "人気歌謡" ● First place since debut. ..


【Video】A Japanese 2-year-old child, Korean song is Hot Topic. ● Japanese "Noka-chan" Singing Japanese children's song "Inu no Owari-san" The video is a big hit in Korea. ● Fans continue to appear in Korea. .. JAEJUNG is also supporting. .. ● This time, Noka-chan is practicing the Korean nursery rhyme "3 bears". .. "Daddy bear, mom bear, baby bear ..." ..

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