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Nam Ju Hyuk : Latest News, Photos and Videos

Actor Nam Ju Hyuk attends the Christmas season cake launch event. . .

Miss A former member Suzy & actor Nam Ju Hyuk, the main character of tvN's new TV Series “Sandbox”. .
● Scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of next year. .

Actor Nam Ju Hyuk attends the 40th Seiryu Film Awards handprinting event. 28th afternoon, Seoul ・ Yeouido IFC Mall CGV. . .

Actors are ready! Actor Nam Ju Hyuk and Lee Byung Hun's new TV Series “HERE” confirmed to appear.

● TV Series Work by popular writer Roh Hi Kyung of “Okay, I love you” and “Live-why you live”.

-1996 TV Series "The most beautiful parting in the world" was made into a movie in 2011 and remake in 2017.

● The script of this work appeared in the question of the “National Language” subject of the Korean University Academic Examination (corresponding to the Japanese Center Examination) in 2013. Even making students take a cry, I became a Hot Topic.

● New TV Series “HERE” is a story of a non-profit private organization (NGO). In addition to two actors, actress Han Ji Min and actress Shin Min A appear. To acting group actor Bae Sung-woo. Shooting will start in 2020.