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Nam Ju Hyuk : Latest News, Photos and Videos


Actor Nam Ju Hyuk, photo release. "ELLE". . .

Actor Nam Ju Hyuk, Jo In Sung and TV Series also co-star?

-A good friend and senior actor Jo In Sung and co-star in the movie "Anshi Castle" (Ansisson).

● The new TV Series by author No Hi Kyung depicts NGO activities. Next year on air.

The actor, Jo In Sung, matches well with the work of the author, No Hee Kyung, such as "that winter, the wind blows" and "OK, it's love."

Actor Nam Ju Hyuk, actress Han Ji Min and the "reunion theory". .
-Nam Ju Hyuk will appear on the remake Korean version of the Japanese movie "Jose and the Tiger and the Fish".
-The rumor that Han Ji Min will also appear together today.
● The two have just co-starred on the TV Series "Blanky". .


Published pictorials of LEON KOREA, actor Jisoo and Nam Ju Hyuk. .

A large-scale forest fire of “National Disaster Situation Declaration” class, “donation money” is a Hot Topic in Korea.

SAMSUNG Group-2 billion won (approximately 200 million yen)

SK Group-1 billion

LG Group-1 billion

BTS JIMIN-100 million won (approximately 10 million yen)

Singer IU-100 million singer

PSY-100 million

Industrial Bank-100 million

Kium securities-100 million

WannaOne Kang-Daniel's Fan Club -8,666,000 won

‪ CUBE Enter-5,000 ‬

‪ Sarang chan’s mom SHIHO-3,000 ‬

‪ actor Nam Ju Hyuk-3,000 ‬

‪ actor Song Joong Ki-3,000 ‬

‪ SuperJunior Hee-chul-3,000‬

‪ 2pm JUNHO-3,000‬

‪ actor Im Siwan-2,000 ‬

‪ actor Jung Il Woo-2,000 ‬

‪ singer KWILL-2,000 ‬

‪ TV Series Screenwriter Kim Unsuk-2,000‬

BTS Fan Club-1,437‬

‪ WannaOne Jisung -1,000 ‬

‪ actor Kim WooBin-1,000 ‬

‪ Actress Kim Yoo Jung-1,000 ‬

‪ rapper SAN.E-1,000‬

‪ ※ T-ARA HYOMIN-Mineral water, instant rice, instant noodles, wet tissue, etc. Relief products (photo) ‬

Actor Nam Ju Hyuk, the main character of the remake version of the Japanese movie "Jose and the Tiger and the Fish" (Jose) (original title). Crank in October and will be released next year. .


Actor Nam Ju Hyuk participates in the launch of the JTBC TV Series "Dazzling". Afternoon on the 20th, a restaurant in Seoul · Kashiwajima. . .